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Extra Account Items on Aged Analysis Reports

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Extra Account Items on Aged Analysis Reports

The Aged Analysis reports allow for the inclusion of one item from the accounts file to be printed on the report—this was usually set to be the telephone number. Release 6.5 increases the number of account items that can be included to five allowing for the inclusion of such items as credit limit, account contact, etc.

When printed the extra account items are included below the account code for each account entry, when output to spreadsheet they are included as extra columns before the aged analysis breakdown.


 As part of the run-time parameters for the Aged Analysis report the prompt ‘Include TELEPHONE’ (or the item name of the single extra item that was referenced previously) is replaced with ‘Include Extra Account Items’ when more than one item is selected.


Application User Facilities

To include additional account items on the report users can sign on as the SYSTEM user-id (or if Premier any user with ‘Installer’ privileges) and right-click against the menu option for the Aged Analysis report and select to Configure Option. Alternatively users can select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities. Select the Sales Ledger or Purchase Ledger application as required before selecting Account Reports and Aged Analysis. The second page of parameters includes the options for extra account items.

Extra Acc Items – up to five items from the accounts file can be selected for display.Enter the data item number required or press <F4-Select> to choose the data item as required.

  • Release ID: 6.5