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Pre-Define Forms

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Pre-Define Forms

The forms feature is similar to that used in Sales and Purchase Order processing in that it is used to update details from a pre-defined template. Unlike the order processing variant however, it only updates the form into one record rather than creating several detail records for each entry on the form.

This option asks you to define a form – selecting the database the form is to contain records from (not the database the form is to be updated to).

Code – enter a three-letter identification code for the form definition.

Title – enter the form title

Header Link – usually left blank (zero), when creating the form you can select the form code from the database listed here. For example, if creating an order template for a customer you could select the customer accounts database here and this would allow you to look up the customer details when creating the form template. If you select a database for the header link a pop-up asks you to configure the header link.

Title – select a data item from the header link file to be saved as the form title/description when you create a form.

Ignore-Item – select a data item to test whether this record can be selected from the header-link database when creating a quick form – for example, if linked to a customer file you may decide to ignore prospect accounts so you select the ‘PROSPECT?’ data item.

E/N – if applying a test condition select whether you are testing the data item is equal or not equal to a value.

Value – enter the value to test the selected data item against. Remember that records for which this condition is true are hidden, if using the prospect example above and wishing to hide prospect accounts then the condition would be ‘PROSPECT equal to Y’.

Detail Link – here you select the database against which the quick form entries are to be entered – usually a stock or product file.If you select a database then a pop-up form asks for details to configure the detail link.

Title – select a data item from the header link file to be used as the description within the form entries.

Ignore-Item / E/N / Value – these work as per the option above and allow you to filter out records from the detail-link database that match the criteria entered here.

  • Release ID: Standard