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Multiple Updating - Update From Another Nominal - Nominal

Datafile Software

Multiple Updating - Update From Another Nominal - Nominal

This option assumes that the external nominal transaction file is in exactly the same format as this company’s nominal transactions file, and it also assumes you are only updating data for one period. In operation, the transactions from the other nominal ledger file are simply copied through in full, and the balances updated in this company’s nominal accounts file, with the option to remove records from the import file on completion.


In use this operation makes no checks that the debit and credit values sum to the same total. It would be possible for you to update from only part-way through a journal, which could result in an unbalanced ledger.

There is only one user-definable option: Suspense account for errors

In case the incoming nominal transaction file has any account codes which do not exist in the present company’s chart of accounts, enter here the nominal account code to post these transactions. You will need to check the printed update report for any postings to this suspense account, and to resolve these with journal transactions.


If you want to update into this company’ a nominal transaction file which differs in format to this company’s nominal transaction file, or you want to allow greater control of the transactions to update then you must use the following option instead — Update From Any Datafile Database File.

  • Release ID: Standard