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Trial Balance - Cashbook

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Trial Balance - Cashbook

A trial balance reports all the cash book accounts, with their current balances listed in the debit or credit column as appropriate, and so gives a complete picture of the current position of the cash book accounts.

You should print the trial balance at the end of each month, to check that the payment control totals in the cash book agree to other systems such as the sales and purchase ledgers, and also that the bank balances reconcile to bank statements.

You can arrange that your trial balance prints sub-totals on certain account code changes — after, for example, income and expenditure account ranges. These are specified in the cash book System Profiles.

There may be exceptional circumstances where you wish to report on only part of the ledger. In this case you may select on a range of accounts, but the total of the debit balances may not then agree with the total of the credit balances for the range of accounts selected

For an example report view the equivalent reporting option in the Nominal Ledger.

  • Release ID: Standard