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Automatic Postings - Cashbook

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Automatic Postings - Cashbook

This is one of the very useful facilities of the cash book. You can define (via a Utilities menu option) up to 128 standard transactions, such as standing orders and direct debits, which occur regularly in your bank accounts. One simple operation can then make sure that all the regular transactions which you would expect to have occurred are posted up to today’s date.

Firstly, you must give the date up to, and including, which you want to post any automatic transactions which are now due. The current period date range is shown, and today’s date, which must be within this period, is given for you to accept or override. <Enter> to accept this date, or change as required.


If the date range is not for the period you want, then use the Set Current Period option to set it to the period you want.

Each posting which is found to be due is now offered to you one by one to confirm whether or not you want it to be posted.

If you answer ‘N’ the transaction is not processed, so it will be offered again the next time you try automatic postings for this period. If you answer ‘Y’ the transaction is immediately posted.

As an alternative you can reply ‘X’ which ignores the transaction for the current period, but marks it in the postings file as processed for this period. This means that, should you run automatic postings again this period, this particular one is not offered. For example, you might have a regular payment to a supplier, but this month it is in dispute, so you want to hold it back.

Once you have decided on all the transactions to post today, then a summary of the processing is displayed:


You should make sure you run the Automatic Postings dated the last day of the month before you change the default period number for the next period. If the last day is (say) the 30th, then automatic postings marked as due on the 31st are also included — this is true for the 28/29 February too.

Banks take account of weekends, and have a habit of bringing forward standing orders to the previous Friday if the due date is at the weekend. This occasionally causes a standing order for one month to occur at the end of the previous month. We do not follow this practice, which can lead to occasional differences when you reconcile bank statements.

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