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Links to Application Company / Ledger Enquiry Extra Applications

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Links to Application Company / Ledger Enquiry Extra Applications

Within the ProFiler application design the facility exists to reference a ProFiler database as an application database. This allows, amongst other things, the facility to press F8-Zoom when updating a record in the ProFiler screen to move to the Ledger Enquiry for the current record and to share Word / Scanning and other CRM links between ProFiler and the Ledger Enquiry.

Release 6.3 introduced the ability to create two extra applications of your own design in the Ledger Enquiry together with their own CRM links but ProFiler databases could not be linked to this application meaning that F8-Zoom was not available and the CRM links could not be shared – Release 6.4 now allows this link.

You define the links between a ProFiler database and a Ledger Enquiry application in the Company Memo Support option within the Application Profiles menu option in the ProFiler Designer. From Release 6.4 the ‘Application’ entries against a ProFiler database allow the selection of E1-Extra and E2-Extra to link to the Extra Applications that can be configured within the Ledger Enquiry.

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