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Generate Payments - Purchase Ledger

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Generate Payments - Purchase Ledger

You use this option to generate supplier payments from those transactions marked as ‘P to Pay’. First you must give the appropriate payment date to use as the date of the payment transactions – this would usually be the same as the date used for the proposed payment procedure. Then you must provide some further information for the payments that are to be generated.

The Generate Payments process on a foreign currency system is only available for base currency supplier accounts. For other accounts the payments would have to be manually created, through the Manually Generate Payments option discussed earlier

Selective Accounts

Although the payment process only processes transactions marked for payment, you still may wish to apply additional account criteria, perhaps to process selected accounts with a different bank account. Responding Y to the pop-up prompt for selective accounts, allows the ability to enter any required criteria.

Bank Account

A default bank account is usually prompted here, but you can use the <F4-Select> key to help you select the required account.


If you enter a reference here, then it is used for every payment transaction generated. If you want to use the cheque-writing facility of the purchase ledger then leave this blank, as the cheque-writer inserts the cheque number here.


This description is posted to every payment transaction generated by this run.

Due Date to take Settlement Discount

This is the second date from the proposed payment run but you can change if required. Only those transactions whose settlement date is the same or later than this are considered for settlement discount.

After confirming the entered details are correct you are able to commence generation of the payments.At the end of the process the total value of payments posted is displayed, together with the value of settlement discounts taken because the payment terms were in time.

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