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Enter Purchase Orders - Stock Control

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Enter Purchase Orders - Stock Control

This option is used to record purchase orders that you have placed on suppliers.

The procedures involved in completing purchase order transactions are virtually the same as for sales issues, except that the account code in the transaction header refers to the supplier account code, and a unit cost figure is requested in the transaction detail instead of a price. The "Which Price” prompt is also not prompted this time. You may well use your purchase order number in the "Reference” field so that this number is written into the stock transactions that are generated. Batch tracking details are also not prompted on purchase order entry as no physical stock movement takes place.


Key in the unit cost price (or the per pack cost price) and press <Enter>

Stock File Updating

When the stock items are updating the following actions occur for each item on the order:

The on-order stock level is increased by the quantity ordered

The cost price, if configured to update on purchase order, is updated

A purchase order transaction is written to the stock transaction file


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