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Allocations by Account - Purchase Ledger

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Allocations by Account - Purchase Ledger

When you post payments and credit notes to open-item accounts, you will usually allocate them at the same time against the invoices being paid as described above. However, on occasion this may not be possible, perhaps because it is a payment on account, or there is inadequate allocation information.

The purpose of the ALLOCATE option is to allow you to allocate transactions against each other.On making this choice you are asked to confirm the date for allocation

The current date is offered, for acceptance or amendment. If in a forward period you are asked to confirm that you want it posted to the forward period — if not, then supply a date in the current open period.

Once you have done this, you are given the payment allocation screen, and are asked for the first account whose transactions you wish to allocate. The allocation procedure is fully described as part of the payment entry procedures discussed earlier.

Once you have processed the first account, you are returned to the account code prompt to choose another, or <Escape> to the menu.

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