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Template Configuration Notes

Datafile Software Template Configuration Notes Below are some notes to help guide configuration processes according to the XML application transactions that are to be used. Note that these guidelines have been followed in the example XML... Read More

Template Attributes

Datafile Software Template Attributes Attributes are used in XML files to provide extra information about the data in that element. They are specified by the schema designer, and take the form word="value". E.g: <BuyersOrderNumber Preserve=... Read More

Template Wizard

Datafile Software Template Wizard The template wizard allows you to pick any or all of the data items from the targeted database. If you reply "Y” to the question Default output/input all data items? then the full set of data items in the... Read More

Example Datafile XML Template

Datafile Software Example Datafile XML Template The Datafile template below is the BOSSFed order template, which includes specific variations required to create order files. It is a regrettable fact of life that the opXML standards have been... Read More

Checking an XML Template

Datafile Software Checking an XML Template A Datafile XML template should itself be a well-formed XML file. To check that a template is "well-formed” (i.e. follows the XML schema rules) you may either use it in an XML definition process, or... Read More

Datafile XML Template

Datafile Software Datafile XML Template The Datafile XML template is, as its name suggests, an example of what the application XML file looks like, except that data is represented by references to the application database items. It also includes... Read More

Input XML File Template Notes

Datafile Software Input XML File Template Notes There are a few situations where it can be hard to write the template so that it processes incoming XML files unambiguously, and the following notes may help you solve these: Be careful with... Read More

XML Template Display

Datafile Software XML Template Display Once the second parameter screen is completed, and any selection criteria entered, then the Datafile XML template is now displayed. The eventual intention is that you would be able to write and amend the... Read More

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