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Summary of Payroll Controls

Datafile Software Summary of Payroll Controls This report is usually configured to show such details as employee name, gross pay, tax, national insurance contributions, sick pay and net pay. The report includes in the footer the breakdown of... Read More

Summary Report of Jobs

Datafile Software Summary Report of Jobs This report checks through all the jobs in the system and summarises them under the headings of active jobs, completed jobs, and those both completed and invoiced. Totals for all jobs are printed. The... Read More

Transaction Summary

Datafile Software Transaction Summary This report provides the overall control totals for transactions in the current period by transaction type. It also prints the net turnover and net payment figures. The net turnover is calculated by... Read More

Ledger Control Summary

Datafile Software Ledger Control Summary This is the main control report for the ledger. It shows the opening period balance of the ledger, summarises the transactions posted during the current period by type, and gives the closing balance. The... Read More

Department Summary

Datafile Software Department Summary This report is used to analyse elements of employee’s pay – i.e. total gross pay, total NI, etc – by department. As with the previous report you may select whether you wish to see totals for... Read More

Job Cost Transactions Summary

Datafile Software Job Cost Transactions Summary This report analyses the job cost transactions across the major category headings defined for your job costing system, totalling the costs of each category. Brought-Forward Values There may be a ... Read More

Labour Costs Summary

Datafile Software Labour Costs Summary This analyses labour hours between job-related and non-job-related time. You can determine from this how much time is chargeable and how much is not. The hours are split across not only the standard and... Read More

Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

Datafile Software Employer Payment Summary (EPS) The HMRC will use the values from the individual FPS files throughout the tax month / quarter to determine what payment value they are expecting from your company - accumulating the NIC’s,... Read More

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