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Template Configuration Notes

Datafile Software Template Configuration Notes Below are some notes to help guide configuration processes according to the XML application transactions that are to be used. Note that these guidelines have been followed in the example XML... Read More

Input XML File Template Notes

Datafile Software Input XML File Template Notes There are a few situations where it can be hard to write the template so that it processes incoming XML files unambiguously, and the following notes may help you solve these: Be careful with... Read More

Invoices & Credit Notes

Datafile Software Invoices & Credit Notes Report Invs/CrNotes to Send This looks for any invoices and credit notes that are available to send by XML, checking for any data omissions that might create an issue — for example, no proof... Read More

Payroll 2013/14 Upgrade Notes

Datafile Software Payroll 2013/14 Upgrade Notes Questions for the Employer What is your Employer Accounts Office Reference? This is a mandatory item for submission of RTI returns to HMRC. As part of the year-end process the operator will be... Read More

Enter Credit Notes

Datafile Software Enter Credit Notes A credit note reduces the current balance outstanding, the turnover for the period, and the turnover for the year for an account, and reduces the overall ledger control total. Entering a credit note... Read More

Sales Credit Notes

Datafile Software Sales Credit Notes Sales credit notes are the reverse of sales invoices. The descriptions given under Sales Invoices can be followed exactly for sales credit notes too. You can again define up to six different layouts ... Read More

User Help Notes

Datafile Software User Help Notes On the Help pull-down menu off the main Datafile toolbar the system allows the facility for Help Manuals and User Help Manuals. The Help Manuals option lists any PDF files, including the Datafile supplied... Read More

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