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Employee Mandatory 4/4

Datafile Software Employee Mandatory 4/4 X Data Item Type Description X YTD Gross Pay K, L This holds the gross pay for the year including basic pay and overtime plus SMP/SPP/SAP/SPP etc. X YTD Gross Additions K, L Additional pre-tax... Read More

Employee Mandatory 3/4

Datafile Software Employee Mandatory 3/4 X Data Item Type Description Basic Pay K, L Either basic wage or salary, value left at zero if hourly paid.If payroll configured for weekly, 2-2-weekly or 4-weekly periods then the value here is per week... Read More

Employee Mandatory 2/4

Datafile Software Employee Mandatory 2/4 X Data Item Type Description NI-Reference X (9) Holds the national insurance number for the employee. NI-Table Letter X (1) Holds the NI category of the employee – other than on first add of... Read More

Employee Mandatory 1/4

Datafile Software Employee Mandatory 1/4 X Data Item Type Description Title X (3) } Forename X (15) } Employee Name Surname X (17) } Full Name & Group of the above three items Date of Birth E Employee Date of Birth Date of... Read More

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