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Clear Completed Jobs

Datafile Software Clear Completed Jobs From time to time you may want to clear completed jobs and/or job cost details from your files.One reason may be to clear space from the job costing files for more jobs (though you can always enlarge the... Read More

Summary Report of Jobs

Datafile Software Summary Report of Jobs This report checks through all the jobs in the system and summarises them under the headings of active jobs, completed jobs, and those both completed and invoiced. Totals for all jobs are printed. The... Read More

Report Status of Jobs

Datafile Software Report Status of Jobs This reports the jobs present on the file, giving their status, the total budget and the total actual costs so far, the price quoted and how much has been invoiced so far, and the date of the last activity... Read More

Maintain Jobs

Datafile Software Maintain Jobs On selection of this option a menu is displayed allowing you to select options to enter new jobs, amend existing jobs, view jobs and mark jobs as completed. Read More

List of Jobs on File

Datafile Software List of Jobs on File This reports all the jobs present on the file, giving the dates they were started, the dates due for completion, and the sales account where applicable. Read More