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Job Record Pick Lists

Earlier releases have introduced definable pick lists into Order Processing, Sales and Purchases Ledgers and Stock Control. Release 6.8 now extends this facility to Job Costing.   The pick lists allow you to review a set of job records, allowing... Read More

Job Accum Costs

Datafile Software Job Accum Costs These items hold the value of costs charged, excluding any mark-up — compare with Job Actuals above. Data Item Type Description / Notes Accum cost 1-9 K / L, Totals of costs input for this job so far for... Read More

Job File Items

Datafile Software Job File Items Data Item Type Description / Notes Job code X (10) This code combines the contract and sub-contract codes if defined in Premier systems Job title X (30) Job status X (1) Job status may be A—active, C&mdash... Read More

Job Statements

Datafile Software Job Statements The job statement report is fully user-definable and you can personalise it for use in your job costing system. The sample report below highlights how the report is defined. There is a header area for the job... Read More

Job File ITEM Screen Design

Datafile Software Job File ITEM Screen Design If Diamond (or Premier and you don’t wish to use the full screen design) then this option allows you to quickly configure the display of up to 32 items from the job file in two columns of 16. ... Read More

Job Costing System Profiles (1/3)

Datafile Software Job Costing System Profiles (1/3) Enter Jobs by SL Acc (excluding Compact) Setting this option allows you to specify during the job creation process the customer account that the job is being processed for. If set then all jobs... Read More

Job Enquiry

Datafile Software Job Enquiry This provides a quick way to check the current situation of any job — for instance, while the customer is on the telephone. You are asked for the job reference, <F4-Select> is available in the usual way,... Read More

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