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Restore Payroll Files

Datafile Software Restore Payroll Files When you run the payroll the system creates a backup of the payroll files to allow you to restore, via the System Status, and re-run if further amendments are required. In addition, as part of the... Read More

Sending/Receiving XML Files

Datafile Software Sending/Receiving XML Files XML is closely related to HTML, the technique used to display web pages in your browser. Web pages are held passively on servers for anyone to access and display (albeit security of access may be... Read More

EDI Messages and Files

Datafile Software EDI Messages and Files Returning to the postal analogy, the EDI computer file is the envelope. The very first piece of information in the file describes to whom the envelope is addressed, and also from whom it comes. The... Read More

Set Auto Expand Data Files

Datafile Software Set Auto Expand Data Files Datafile reserves a fixed space for database files and you need to expand that space should the file become full. This option allows you to set internal system parameters sot that it automatically... Read More

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