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File Generation Numbers

Datafile Software File Generation Numbers Each XML message file normally has a file generation number in it. This is a sequential number per customer per message type. If a customer system rejects a message for some reason, or it gets lost, then... Read More

Datafile Software - File Naming Conventions

Datafile Software - File Naming Convention.   Each File is Prefixed with a Company ID e.g. DEM Each Database File has an extension of .DFD   Examples :   DEM-SLA.DFD - Sales Ledger Accounts DEM-SLT.DFD - Sales Ledger Transactions DEM... Read More

Payroll Profile

Datafile Software Payroll Profile You specify here a number of general parameters concerning the type of payroll for this company, payment methods, pension and holiday pay arrangements, and (if paying by cash) the rules for the number of coins... Read More

Log File

Datafile Software Log File Should XML start to be widely used, then it may be helpful to maintain a log of the XML files both received and sent, in case it is necessary to query the receipt or transmission of a file. Since filenames themselves... Read More

General Lookup File

Datafile Software General Lookup File The ability to look up values in tables that are not included amongst the application databases is always required. For example, incoming sales orders may use a code (EAN or the customer’s own) to... Read More

Accumulator File

Datafile Software Accumulator File This is a single record database, whose purpose is to accumulate values, just like the accumulator feature used in ProFiler user-defined reports. For an input XML file it can be used to accumulate values that... Read More

EDI Message Log File

Datafile Software EDI Message Log File Item Name Type Size Description 1 SNRF X 14 Sender’s or your transmission reference. 2 ACCOUNT X 10 Your account code for the sender or recipient of this message. 3 I/O X 1 "I” for message... Read More

Constants File

Datafile Software Constants File As with ProFiler, it is helpful to have a database that holds system-wide values that can be used by XML files. For example the company name and address, VAT registration and EAN codes are all values that may be... Read More

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