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Datafile Software analysis analysis="true" — This is used to mark the point where detail analysis record elements start. It is specifically required for sales ledger output XML files or similar, where analysis records are not linked to the... Read More

Save Aged Analysis

Datafile Software Save Aged Analysis The Aged Analysis routines calculate ‘on-the-fly’ based on the currently outstanding transactions.For reporting reasons you may want to save the aged analysis at a particular time, such as period... Read More

Nominal Analysis

Datafile Software Nominal Analysis This report processes just the analysis records for the current period, this time analysing them against the nominal ledger code. If the nominal ledger is not linked, then the general analysis code is used... Read More

Turnover Analysis

Datafile Software Turnover Analysis This report processes just the analysis records for the current period and analyses them against the transaction analysis codes entered when the transactions were posted. It totals the value against each code,... Read More

Code Analysis

Datafile Software Code Analysis The cost code analysis lookup (Job Codes file) holds two separate types of record. A record is held for each standard charge which is to be used for analysis, and one record is held per employee whose time is... Read More

Post Code Analysis

Datafile Software Post Code Analysis It can be useful to analyse (say) sales by post code but with the varying lengths of post codes – for example Liverpool is ‘L’, some London areas are ‘EC’, you can’t create... Read More

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