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SOP Order Call-Off

Datafile Software SOP Order Call-Off In many circumstances there can be a need to place a volume order for certain items, but request that deliveries are staged over a number of weeks or months, either to a fixed plan or on request, until the... Read More

SOP Accessories

Datafile Software SOP Accessories Various accessories are available that add additional features to the sales order processing system.These include order call-off, links to job costing and point-of-sale order entry. Read More

Extra Document Confirm Items

Extra Document Confirm Items Document processing currently allows for the setting of two confirm items when confirming the action quantity for an order line. This new feature allows for an additional ten items to be confirmed. Installation ... Read More

Increased Details per Order

Increased Details per Order This new feature allows an increase in the number of details per order from 999 to 9999. Installation Application User Facilities The increased number of details is available automatically on update to... Read More

Designing a SOP System

Datafile Software Designing a SOP System Your sales order processing system is part of your interface with your customers. It has to be good, because it tells them a lot about your efficiency and your ability to give them the service they need.... Read More

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