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Discount Matrix File Structure

Datafile Software Discount Matrix File Structure The matrix database has a pre-defined structure, as described below. The prime index is a composite of the account code or group and the product code or group (and the expiry date if so configured... Read More

Price Checker - Discount Matrix

Datafile Software Price Checker - Discount Matrix Price Checker is an option that allows enquiry of a price that will be charged to a particular customer (or will be charged by a supplier) for a stock item. For the customer price checker it... Read More

Which Price Matrix Entries

The Discount Matrix has an facility where instead of a single discount item you can have a series of up to four discount settings that are applied in turn when calculating the value of the order line – you might for example have 10% discount... Read More

Display Price Item Names

Within Discount Matrix maintenance and Order / Invoice entry procedures <F4-Select> is available on the price number and price inputs to view the set prices on the Stock record for the selected item.  This facility uses standard text for the... Read More

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