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Works Order Replication

Diamond and Premier Datafile 2015 Onwards Only This new facility allows the option to replicate an existing works order as the basis for a new works order and to optionally replicate up to 99 times. Selecting Replicate from the Order... Read More

System Profiles - Batch Tracking

Datafile Software System Profiles - Batch Tracking System Profiles (1/4) Batch Tracking Installed for Stock  Set to use batch tracking within this company, leave blank to omit the use of batch tracking. Prevent Negative Stocks This... Read More

Profiler - Application Landing Pages

Datafile 2018 and above This new feature extends the option for Landing Pages to ProFiler applications.     You have all the options as per the standard applications – record filters and conditional highlights, definable quick... Read More

Set Database Profiles

Datafile Software Set Database Profiles Database Profiles are the interface between the program and the databases, allowing the program to read/update the data and interpret the values contained within. The data item profiles for Bill of... Read More

System Profiles

Datafile Software System Profiles The System Profiles set the general configuration options for Bill of Materials. Screen 1 Add One to the Order Reference Each Time If using a numeric order sequence (see ‘Set Application Code Formats... Read More

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