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Add a New Product

Datafile Software Add a New Product This option is used to add products to the product file. At initial set-up time, use this option to enter your existing product details from either your present manual or computerised system. On selection of... Read More

Product Maintenance

Datafile Software Product Maintenance This part of the program allows you to add, amend and delete products from the product file which applies to this company. There is no need for a separate product file if you are using your stock file for... Read More

Purchase Invoices

Datafile Software Purchase Invoices The ability to use the Invoicer program for purchase invoices serves two distinct purposes.Firstly, you can use it record supplier invoices onto the purchase ledger and as a by-product of the process book... Read More

Sales Credit Notes

Datafile Software Sales Credit Notes Sales credit notes are the reverse of sales invoices. The descriptions given under Sales Invoices can be followed exactly for sales credit notes too. You can again define up to six different layouts ... Read More

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