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Sales Invoices

Datafile Software Sales Invoices You use this option to prepare and print invoices for customers. The design of invoice documents and their processing is achieved using the Document Design Manager option of the Installation program and need... Read More

User Instructions

Datafile Software User Instructions This chapter describes how to use the Datafile Software Invoicer system. We assume that you have already learned how to sign on to your Datafile Software system and how to use the Datafile DeskTop facilities ... Read More

View System Status

Datafile Software View System Status This option displays a summary of the current status of the invoicing system and of the product file. Company Displays the identifying code and name of the company in use. Product File Displays the number... Read More

Product Maintenance

Datafile Software Product Maintenance This part of the program allows you to add, amend and delete products from the product file which applies to this company. There is no need for a separate product file if you are using your stock file for... Read More

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