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Reports – Year End Reports

Datafile Software Reports – Year End Reports This option, similar to the above, allows you to configure a menu option to run your reports and include transactions for the entire year. To do this you call the report option with the parameter... Read More

Pre-Payroll Check Report

Datafile Software Pre-Payroll Check Report This option allows you to configure the payroll check report – the trial run of the payroll to check that everything has been entered. The set-up for this report, and in fact, most listing... Read More

Payroll Check Report

Datafile Software Payroll Check Report The pre-payroll check report is effectively a dummy payroll run so that you can see all the details are correct before you commit yourself. If you find any errors, then you can go back to the input routines... Read More

XML Audit Trail Report

Datafile Software XML Audit Trail Report Whatever the action, an audit trail report is usually printed. This may include every action taken by the XML processor (if Report in Full was ticked for input applications) or just show errors and any... Read More

Control Report

Datafile Software Control Report This option runs the ‘Ledger Control Summary’ report discussed in the reports section earlier and follows this with an integrity check of the ledger. From the printed ledger control summary you should... Read More

Currency Rates Report

Datafile Software Currency Rates Report This report lists all the currencies together with the holding and revaluation spot rates which applied as at the "As At” date supplied when you initiated the report. Read More

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