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Employee Details

Datafile Software Employee Details This section of the payroll allows you to add and amend employee records, amend their non-standard payments, deductions, and repayments, change National Insurance categories, and flag employees who have... Read More

Enter Job Cost Details

Datafile Software Enter Job Cost Details This part of the user facilities defines parameter settings which determine how the transaction entry procedures operate. Separator for hours/minutes You may define here the separator you are going to use... Read More

Sales Invoice Details

Datafile Software Sales Invoice Details You may enter invoices for any jobs, whether shown as completed or not. Up to 13 lines may be entered on any one screen, which are updated before you are offered a new screen to enter more invoices. The... Read More

Time Sheet Details

Datafile Software Time Sheet Details Job code Either enter a valid job code here, or leave it blank. If you do not know the job code, use the <F4-Select> key facility to show a list of the codes on the screen. Choose the job you want, which... Read More

Sales Order Details (SOD)

Datafile Software Sales Order Details (SOD) Recommended Items to Added Item Name Type Size Description 140 ORD_ORD-LINE N 4 141 ORD_PRD-EAN X 14 142 ORD_PRD-CUST X 20 143 ORD_UNIT X 6 144 ORD_PRICE K 10 145 ORD_CONTRACT X 17 150 XML? ? 1 151... Read More

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