Payroll Extra - Payroll Authorisation Input Status

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Payroll Extra - Payroll Authorisation Input Status

Payroll procedures may mean that authorisation is required before the Payroll is run for the period – this may be from a manager, from a head office or may be that pension values need to be updated from a pension company. This new Payroll Extra option introduces a payroll authorisation status procedure.

This authorisation process adds an option to the Payroll Check Output (and optionally the Check Report) to set that the Payroll has been sent for Authorisation. Once set Employee Maintenance and Payroll Input options are locked out and the Payroll Run is not allowed until the Payroll Check has been authorised.

Payroll Check Output / Report

If enabled a new parameter is available on the Payroll Check pre-amble.

Update Payroll Input Status – set by default this option updates the payroll authorisation status to say that the payroll has been sent for authorisation.Once set access to the Employee Maintenance, Payroll Input, Check and Process options are blocked with the message.

Payroll Authorisation

To authorise the payroll, or indeed to reject and set back to payroll input, a new menu option has been added to update the payroll status. On selection the system displays the current status and allows amendment.

Status Options available are:

 Payroll Is Ready for Input

 Payroll Check Report has been Output for Update

 Payroll Check Report Accepted and Ready to Run

If reset to ‘Payroll is Ready for Input’ then the system will allow Employee Maintenance and Payroll Input for amendments and will require a re-run of the Check Report for authorisation.

If set to ‘Payroll Check Report is Accepted’ then the Employee Maintenance, Payroll Input and Payroll Check options remain locked out (and now display the message that the Payroll Run has been accepted) but the Process Payroll options can be actioned.


Authority Level 0 users can override the Payroll Status Check – override usage is logged to the SYSEVENT.DAT

Once you have processed the Payroll then, prior to submitting the FPS, System Status options allow you to restore the payroll.As the backup is taken immediately prior to running the payroll then the payroll status will be set as ‘Payroll Check Report is Accepted’. To amend payroll values for re-run the status will need to be updated accordingly.

Payroll Period and Year End procedures will reset the Payroll Status to ‘Payroll Is Ready for Input’


Payroll System Profiles

A new option has been added to the Payroll System Profiles when the ‘Payroll Extra’ application is in use.To update the profiles select Installation from the main menu, lock out the system, and then select System Profiles and the Payroll application – the new parameter has been added to the Payroll Profile parameter screen.

Use Payroll Input Status Control – set to allow the payroll authorisation options.

Application User Facilities

Whilst the Payroll Check Output automatically includes the new run-time parameter to update the Payroll Input Status if this option is not in use you can enable the Check Report to prompt to update the status. To update the Check Report select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities, select the Payroll application and then the option for the Pre-Payroll Check Report.

Ask at Run-Time Whether to update Payroll Input Status – set this option to allow the Check Report to prompt to update the Payroll Input/Authorisation Status.

Menu Design

The option for the Payroll Input Authorisation needs to be added as required to the Payroll menu.To add a new menu option sign-on as the CONFIG user and select Application Menu Design, choose the menu to update (the main Payroll menu is PR.D03) and then select to update either the left or right-hand menu. Move down to a blank menu entry and enter the title required then press <Enter> to enter the menu parameters.

Applic, Program or Notes P-Program

Menu Name or Program Path PR.EXE

Parameter 9100

Note – if not updating a restricted ‘Manager’ menu with this option we recommend setting the authority level to 0 (or high) and set a password against this menu option.

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