Employee Optional 1/11

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Employee Optional 1/11

X Data Item Type Description

Date Started E Holds the date the employee began their employment

X Pay Periods Paid N Used to note the number of periods paid in the current pay period. Required for 2 and 4 weekly pay and also required for advancing fixed switches.

Bank Name X (30) }

Bank Address 1 X (30) }

Bank Address 2 X (30) } Employee Bank Details – required if

Bank Address 3 X (30) } paying by automatic payment procedures

Bank Address 4 X (30) }

Bank Sort Code X (10) }

Bank Account No X (10) }

Bank Auto Pay No X (10) }

X Prv NI Letter }

X Prv NI (OUT) Employer }

X Prv NI (OUT) Employee } Not used anymore. Items referenced are

X Prv NI (IN) Employer } now included in the Employee-2 file.

X Prv NI (IN) Employee }

X Prv NI Earnings }

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