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Print Payslips

This option allows you to print the employee payslips. Payslips are driven by a document format – designed via the Document Design Manager.

Firstly, if you select to print the payslip prior to running the payroll you are warned accordingly.

Reply ‘No’ to return to the menu, or ‘Yes’ to continue with the print. If you continue then the payslip is only printed for any specific employees you have run the payroll for.

Selecting the payslips option you are given several pre-run options you may set prior to printing the payslip.

Date of Report

Defaulting to the payroll run date this is the payment date that would be printed on the payslip (if configured).

Report Sequence

You have the option to print payslips either in employee number sequence, or sorted into employee number order within each department. Reply 1 for the first option, or 2 for the second. Diamond and Premier users have the option to nominate a data item on the employee file to use as a report sequence – if configured this is offered as a third option to print in this sequence, and a further fourth option to sort into this data item order within each department. Finally you have the option to print in the HMRC ‘End-of-Year’ sequence which processes directors first followed by employees in surname order.

Number of Copies to be Printed

Set the number of copies of the payslip to be printed – this defaults to the number set within the payslip design.

Save Document for Re-printing

The Payroll Ledger Enquiry allows the option to view and re-print payslips for the employee – set if this run is to save for the ledger enquiry. You might say no if you have already printed the payslip and saved to the enquiry already but you have to reprint because of a printer problem – out of alignment, out of toner, etc.

Specify Any Selection

This option allows you to set criteria to print the payslip for specific employees – for example, those for a particular department.

Once you are satisfied with the print parameters select the PRINT button to print the payslip.

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