Sales Ledger Extra Items - EDI Order Processing

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Sales Ledger Extra Items - EDI Order Processing

It is assumed that items 1 and 2 in the sales ledger accounts file hold your internal account code and account name. It is also assumed that delivery addresses are held in the sales accounts file. If a separate database holds delivery addresses, then the EDI application that extracts their details into the general lookup file must be adapted so that it extracts the necessary details from that file.

The following additional items are needed:

Item Name Type Size Description

159 EDI-FILE X 4 A unique 4-character code used to generate EDI filenames for outgoing EDI files for this customer.

160 EDI-LOC-REF X 13 The EAN code for this location. Some customers may use their own internal location code in an EDI message rather than an EAN code, in which case enter their code instead.

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