ProFiler Applications List / Create New

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ProFiler Applications List / Create New

This option allows you to create a new application or add an application supplied by your reseller or Datafile Software to the list of applications.


Older menu structures may have this option available at the bottom right of the menu and may also be named ‘Multi Application Facilities’.

Selecting this option gives you the current applications in use.

Up to 99 applications can be listed here – this list is held in the file PROFILER.DEF.

If you want to update the pathname or the title of a ProFiler application then scroll down to the required application and press <Enter> (or double-click the entry with the mouse). A pop-up form allows you to amend the ID (if appropriate), the pathname and the title of the application.

To remove an application from the list highlight the appropriate application and then select the DELETE button or use <F6-Delete>. You will be asked to confirm you wish to remove the application from the list – note this will not delete any of the ProFiler application files.

To create a new application or to add a supplied application to the list scroll down to a blank entry and press <Enter> or double-click with the mouse.


This is the id of the application to be created/added to the list – the ID is used as the three-letter suffix of the ProFiler application i.e. PROFILER.DEM, PROFILER.C&E, etc.


There is the pathname where the ProFiler application is to be created (or to be found). The default path would usually be DATA\ to create (find) the application in the main DATA folder of the system, you may want to create a path with the application ID as a part of it – i.e. if the application id is SLW then you might create a path SLW\ so that all the files of an application are in one place (this can make transferring the application easier).


You should include the application id in the pathname if you are creating a new application and you are going to create it based on another application (see below).


Enter the title or a description of the application.

Creating an Application

After pressing <Enter> on the name you will be prompted:

If adding a pre-existing application to the list select <No> (otherwise you will overwrite the supplied file!). You are then returned to the list; press <Esc> to return to the menu.

If creating a new application select ‘Yes’. You will then be prompted:

This would allow you to base the application on another application – the application file of which will be copied for you to amend as required. If you respond ‘No’ then a blank ProFiler application file is created and you are returned to the menu.

If copying an existing application then the PROFILER.??? is created containing the location of files and the application profile settings plus, optionally, the data file profiles of the original application and the options definition. However, the parameter files behind the options are not copied.

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