Job Actuals

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Job Actuals

A total for costs charged is maintained for each of the cost categories (up to 5 for Datafile Professional, up to 9 for Datafile Diamond and up to 30 for Datafile Premier). This includes any mark-up applied to costs as they are entered (see below).

Data Item Type Description / Notes

Actual 1–9 K / L Total of costs charged to job so far for cost categories 1–9

Actual 10+ from K / L Data items for costs charged for cost categories 10 and

Actual 10+ to upwards. The data items must be contiguous in the file

Total actual cost *-type Total of costs charged across all categories for the job

Amount invoiced K / L The value so far invoiced against this job (excludes VAT)

Last inv ref X (6)

Last inv amt K / L These are the details of the last sales invoice raised against this job

Last inv date D / E

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