Labour Costs Summary

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Labour Costs Summary

This analyses labour hours between job-related and non-job-related time. You can determine from this how much time is chargeable and how much is not. The hours are split across not only the standard and overtime hours, but also across the other payroll elements defined by the payroll "switches” — see the payroll manual for more information about switches.

You would probably use this report prior to updating the payroll(s) as a check on the values which are to be updated. Additional questions are asked within the run-time parameters to restrict the transactions processed:

Transaction Record Numbers From / To
Transactions in Date Range From / To

This allows you to limit the transactions printed either to a range of record numbers and/or to a date range. The record number range presumes you may have kept a note of record numbers. It is often more useful to use a date range as the technique to restrict the transactions printed.

Analyse for which Payroll Code
This option allows you to specify the payroll company code you want to analyse on the Labour Analysis report. You can only analyse one payroll at a time
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