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Document Design Manager - Additional Notes

Sales and Purchase Ledger / Blank Out Aged Values – sales (and purchase) statements have options to print the aged analysis and to blank out values and text when that age band is not active for the customer/supplier so that you (say) don’t show customers who usually pay in 30 days that you have other customers who pay in 60/90+ days. In a change to the way the ‘blank’ area operates it will now only remove text when the ‘blank out’ area starts on the same row/column as the text you want to clear removing the entire text block regardless of length.In addition you can now ‘blank out’ two text blocks per aged days print item rather than just one.

Purchase Ledger / Remittance with Combined Cheque – when using a remittance with attached cheque you previously defined these as two separate documents linking the two with a parameter in the remittance design. In the new document designer this is no longer applicable; instead you design the cheque portion of the remittance on the remittance design itself with the cheque parameter options having been added to the remittance parameters to control the cheque element. The parameter on screen 2 of the parameters to link to a cheque layout has been reworded so that you now set a tick box if the remittance includes cheque design (rather than setting the pathname for the cheque).

Omit Header and Footer – various documents, such as Invoice layouts, allow you to omit header and footer areas when the document covers more than one page. In operation if omitting header or footer print image files will continue to be printed.Text and data items (except specific continuation options and page numbers) will be omitted. Box and line drawings will be omitted from the header when the bottom right of the line/box finishes before the start of the detail area, boxes and lines will be omitted from the footer if they start below the detail area.

Payroll Payslips have an additional option for multiple documents per page. Some payslip stationery is supplied as 2/3 employees per page. Within the page setup you are asked for the no of documents across the page (max 9), and the number down the page (max 9). The page size is then split into the defined number of cells (the designer shows the one cell) with the lines down/columns across relating to one cell/document.

Custom Print Items – various users may have customs that print text or values on to the documents. When printed these items will use the default font for the area of the document they are printed within.

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