Ledger Enquiry – New Clipboard-Plus Option

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Ledger Enquiry – New Clipboard-Plus Option

Previously Premier users have been able to copy the name and address from a customer or supplier account record to the Windows Clipboard for pasting into (say) Word documents or emails. This relied on the setting of the Name and Address range within the Advanced Features of the Database structure.

This new option, available for Diamond and Premier users, allows you to nominate up to twenty items on the main database record for all enquiries to be copied to the clipboard and be available for pasting into other software packages.

Selecting the Clipboard action lists the selected data items (the items pre-selected are controlled within the set-up). Options at the bottom of the screen allow you to clear all selected items and to select all items or, alternatively, you can select each individual item to switch on/off as required. To copy to the clipboard click the OK button or to return to the enquiry without copying to the clipboard select the Cancel button.


The items to copy are controlled via a DATABASE.INI (i.e. DEM-SLA.INI, DEM-PLA.INI, etc.) held in the same location as the database itself.

You can create the file by restructuring the appropriate database and pressing <F4> and selecting the ‘INI Settings’ option. This creates the new database INI file or opens the existing INI file if it already exists.

The content of the INI file is







COPY=Y presets the data item to copy to clipboard by default, COPY=N allows the user to select if the item is required for copy.


A maximum of twenty items can be copied to the clipboard, if more than twenty are set in the INI then these extra items are ignored.

The INI file can also be used to set an authority level to view an item. See the Release 5.7 Supplement for more detail on this facility.

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