Ledger Enquiry – Improved Scans Option

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Ledger Enquiry – Improved Scans Option

The SCANS option replaces the FILES option that was previously available and improves upon it.In addition to adding scans against the record you can now view, print, delete existing scanned documents or re-scan the document as required.

The interface is similar to that of the Notes option discussed above – any existing scanned documents (TIF’s) linked to this account / record are listed and you can use the options on the right to create a new scanned document, re-scan an existing document, view, delete or print an existing scanned document.

When selecting the New Scan option you will be prompted for the title to save the scanned document under.After entering this the scan dialog is shown and you can proceed to scan the document.


Scanned Documents are created as TITLE.TIFfiles within the ‘links’ folder for the current record in the same manner as word documents or notes.

You are only able to delete a scan if signed on as user with an authority level of 0.

If scans exist against a record/account then the Ledger Enquiry will display ‘(*)’ after the title on the utility panel.

The availability of the SCAN option is controlled as per the setting of the previous FILES option with a parameter setting available within the Ledger Enquiry Manager for each application.See the Release 5.7 Supplement for more details on this.

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