Payroll Considerations - Link to Job Costing

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Payroll Considerations - Link to Job Costing

If you are using job costing, you can link it to your payroll (or payrolls). In this case you enter time sheet details direct into your job costing system, and transfer these from there into your payroll(s).The transfer is actually initiated from the job costing system as a batch process, and you should refer to the job costing manual for more information about this. The transfer should normally be done before you enter any current period employee details into the payroll.

In most circumstances you transfer basic hours and overtime hours into your payroll. You have an option to transfer the extension of hours times the applicable rates too, however, according to the setting of a job costing System Profiles option. In addition, you can transfer some "switches” information too, if these enter the system via job costing — bonus payments and expense reimbursements are examples of switch values which may start life through job costing.

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