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Code Analysis

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Code Analysis

The cost code analysis lookup (Job Codes file) holds two separate types of record. A record is held for each standard charge which is to be used for analysis, and one record is held per employee whose time is charged out.Employees who carry out different jobs charged at different rates may need a cost record for each job type. Data items referenced on this screen relate to both types of cost code record.

Data Item Type Description / Notes

Cost code X (10) The cost code reference

Code description X (25)

Code category (1-30) X (2) To which major category this cost code is to refer

Cost charge rate M If a standard charge per unit is made, then this item holds unit cost (but see also next item). You’d leave this zero for stock or purchase items, because actual cost of these comes via stock file or invoice. For labour, this is the charge-out rate, or leave zero if you use mark-up percentage option

Cost rate constant N As an alternative to giving a specific rate, you can specify one of a table of up to thirty rates — see job costing manual

Cost rate M

Mark Up % K, L The factor applied to the actual cost to derive cost to be charged

  • Release ID: Standard