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Updating an Existing Job

Datafile Software

Updating an Existing Job

This option allows you to amend the details of an existing job. Key the code of the job you wish to amend. As is usual, the <F4–Select> key allows you to search for the job by code or description. The program displays the information in the job record and this can be amended by over-typing. Movement through the items on screen is as per standard methods but in addition the <End> key at any point causes the program to update the job record in the file without the need to key <Enter> through remaining data items.

Whilst amending the job record two additional options are available over when adding a job record.The <F8-Zoom> key transfers you to the ledger enquiry for the active job record allowing you to enquire on the job and the transactions that have been generated against it so far. The <F9-Memo> key allows you to record a text memo that is offered for display whenever the job is accessed.

Once the job record has been amended you are prompted for the next job number. <Escape> returns to the maintain job file menu.

  • Release ID: Standard