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Send Email Support Query

Datafile Software

Send Email Support Query

The Help pull-down option on the main toolbar includes functions for Reseller Website and Reseller Email which are available, subject to configuration settings, to allow the operator to access the reseller website and or send an email to the reseller.

With the flexibility of the Datafile Software system it can sometimes be difficult to assess a user query in connection with how their system is configured. As such a new function has been added ‘Query to Reseller’ which creates an email to the reseller but includes, as an attachment, a jpg of the current Datafile screen giving the reseller support agent additional information to place the users query in context.

NB: The email attachment name is created on the basis of the company id and the entry number of the current user in the list of user-ids.


This option is available immediately on update to Release 6.5. The ‘To’ address is defaulted based on the EMAIL= entry within the DATAFILE.INI if set, if this not recorded then the option is still available but doesn’t default the ‘To’ address.

Note that the ‘Reseller Website’ option discussed above is only active where with the reseller’s website!) is set within the DATAFILE.INI. The option ‘Reseller Email’ is active when EMAIL=email address is set within the DATAFILE.INI file.

  • Release ID: 6.5