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Reprint Options when Report to Screen

Datafile Software

Reprint Options when Report to Screen

If print a report to screen then options were available for subsequent reprint to printer, PDF or email but you couldn’t re-print the report to the spooler or to Word (Text Document if OpenOffice) or Excel (Spreadsheet). From Release 6.5 a new print option is available for reports printed in the ‘new style’ that will allow reprint of the report to these devices.

If elect to print the report to a print device, email or PDF file then the system will output the report ‘as is’. If select to print to the Disk Spooler, Word or Excel then due to the differing formats of output required the system will re-run the report with the same selection criteria and parameter settings and print to the selected device.


 Whilst ProFiler and Report Generator reports allow the PRINT option the output devices are restricted to a print device, email or PDF as previously and does not support the option to re-run the report for output to Word / Excel or Disk Spooler.


No set-up changes are required for this feature; the PRINT button is available for screened ‘new-style’ reports immediately on program update.


  • Release ID: 6.5