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Application Utilities Panel - Allow Scans Enquiry

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Application Utilities Panel - Allow Scans Enquiry

Within the Ledger Enquiry the CRM panel allows the ability to create new and view existing scanned files for the enquiry record. This facility has now also been added to the Utilities panel with the application maintenance screens (where this facility is available).

Selecting the SCANS option lists any existing scans against the application record and allows for the creation of new scan files as per the existing Ledger Enquiry facility. Access to the SCANS option is controlled by the same settings as the Ledger Enquiry and is configured via the Ledger Enquiry Manager.


No additional configuration is required for this option provided the R60LOOK=TRUE (or supplementary R65LOOK=TRUE entry for this release) is set within the DATAFILE.INI.Note that the gap between the links in the Utilities and Enquiry panel has been slightly reduced so users who have set a BUTTONFONTS= entry within the DATAFILE.INI may need to reduce the font size if links overlap.

  • Release ID: 6.5