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Maintain Batch Matrix - Batch Tracking

Datafile Software

Maintain Batch Matrix - Batch Tracking

This option allows you to define the screen used when creating/amending a matrix template.Screen design processes are general throughout the system:

To display a data item, position the cursor and right-click with the mouse, choose the data item to display from the list and then confirm whether the item is to be view-only, mandatory or should force input to uppercase. Up to forty-eight items can be displayed on screen.

To display text, position the cursor and type the required text on screen.

To draw a screen border choose the option on the Tools pull-down menu.

To draw vertical/horizontal lines switch to line mode (again on Tools pull-down) and then use mouse to click the line starting position and then drag the cursor to where you want it to end.

To amend the sequence in which you process the data items then choose the Tools option ‘Sequence’. Select the item you want to move from the list and then select the item you wish to process it after.

To amend the database the screen is based on, in this case the Matrix file; choose the DB-Restructure option from the Tools pull-down.

  • Release ID: Standard