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Invoicer Documents - Batch Tracking

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Invoicer Documents - Batch Tracking

If the Invoicer document is linked to Stock Control then you may need to print the batch details. The positioning of the print items for the batch detail can be configured from the document mask, using the category Batch Details, but a parameter screen ‘Batch Tracking Printing’ is also available.

Print Batches

Set to print batch details, where appropriate, on the invoicer document.

Space a Line Before

Set to leave a blank line between the end of the stock description detail and the first batch/serial item to be printed.

Quantity: Column Before
Quantity: Column After
Quantity: Print Decimal Point

These parameters control the print of the batch/serial quantity issued. Usually set via print items from the document mask you can set manually via this parameter screen. ‘Column Before’ asks for the starting column position of the significant portion of the batch quantity, ‘Column After’ asks for the starting column for the decimal portion of the batch quantity, and ‘Print Decimal Point’ asks whether you want to print the decimal point.

Print Batch Item

These parameters control the print of additional items, including the batch code itself, for the batches issued. Again these are usually set via the document mask.

Max Across Page
Repeat Col Offset

Batch/Serial Numbers are normally printed one per document line. These options allow you to configure the print of more than one batch item per document line. You set the number to print and the offset value, to the set printing positions, for second and subsequent batch print per line.

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