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Document Design Manager - Batch Tracking

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Document Design Manager - Batch Tracking

The Document Design Manager is available on the ‘Application Manager’ sub-menu. Whilst Batch Tracking has no documents of its own – the document options for Stock, Invoicer, Order Processing and Bill of Materials all allow the print of batch/serial details. The Document Design options for Stock Control have been discussed earlier in this manual, and the batch tracking print options are covered in the manuals for each of the other applications, however a brief guideline for these applications is given below.

General Details

A document is split into three sections – a header, detail and footer area. In, for example, sales documents the header area could be used to print the customer details plus the transaction date and document references.The detail section shows, line-by-line, the stock transactions generated. The footer area shows any document totals.

The batch details are printed in the detail section, if the transaction line is for a batch tracked item then the batch details are printed underneath that entry (leaving a blank line between stock and batch details were set).

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