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F4-Search - Default Item

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F4-Search - Default Item

 When you press <F4-Select> the system defaults to the first search item (the prime index); if the operator switches the search to one of the secondary index or extra selection items then the system defaults to the same index/selection item for subsequent searches in this session and for other databases (if the next database doesn’t have an equivalent index / search item the system reverts to the first search item).

New in Release 6.5 is the ability to set a default focus item for the F4-Select search for the main application lookups. Within the Select Key Definition new options have been added for each of the databases to be able to set a default focus item.

To update the select key definition select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Select Key Definition before selecting the application required. Each application allows you to set the F4-list items, the sort items and (now) the default focus item for each of the main company databases used within that application.

F4 Focus Item – select the F4 search item to focus on when the user presses <F4-Select> on the selected database within this application. To set for the prime-index set to ‘1’, for the secondary indexes set to ‘2’ or ‘3’, and for the extra selection items (Premier only) set to ‘4’ through ‘9’. You can see the index/extra selection items configured for the current database by pressing the <F7-Option> key.


A <F4-Select> lookup where no default focus item is defined (or where the facility is not available) will continue to default to the last search item used or revert to the first search item if the last search item isn’t appropriate.


The SOP/POP configuration option for default focus to a secondary index item on stock lookup will override, if set, the default focus item set within the select key definition for the stock file within the Order Processing definitions.


This option is not applicable where <F4-Select> is configured to show an initial list within the CONFIG User Preferences settings. Where set to use the <Shift>+<F4> settings by default then the system continues to remember previous searches on continuous use but will use the default where no previous search is recorded this session.

  • Release ID: 6.5