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Print Works Order if no Details

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Print Works Order if no Details

If a Works Order has been added for which no details, or only description only entries, have been added then the system did not allow for a works order acknowledgement document to be printed. New in Release 6.5 an additional parameter option is available within the Works Order document design to enable a print of a document against a works order with no order details.


To update the Document Design select Installation from the main menu followed by the Application Manager option and then Document Design Manager.Select the Bill of Materials application and the Print Works Orders document type before entering the parameter number of the document required. When the document mask is displayed on screen select the Parameters option from the main toolbar to display the first screen of parameters. The new option has been added to parameter screen 10 Order Detail Items to be Printed – use the ACTION button to move to this parameter screen.

Print if no Details – set to allow print of the works order document when no details, or only ‘description-only’ entries, have been added to the works order.

  • Release ID: 6.5