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Stock Adjustments - Stock Control

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Stock Adjustments - Stock Control

Stock adjustments are used to increase or reduce the physical stock level. The reasons for making stock adjustments are many and varied, and can include:

Stock has had to be scrapped because it is unfit for sale — perhaps it has been damaged beyond repair, is obsolete, or has passed its sell-by date

Stock has been returned in part-exchange for other stock issued

Whatever the cause, the stock adjustment transaction allows you to adjust physical stock quantities and record the reason.

If you use pre-numbered forms to record stock adjustments, you can use the form number — or some internal folio number — for the reference. The reference can be also be defined (Diamond and Premier only) to increment with each form, which could allow you to use the computer-generated number as the folio number to write onto the document.

Adjust Type

You are prompted to key an adjustment type. You can use this later to generate a report analysing the reasons for the adjustment transactions. You will need to develop your own code set of adjustment reasons, for example: shrinkage, breakages, obsolescence and so on, in the range from 0 to 999.


A positive quantity increases the physical stock quantity held. To reduce the physical quantities enter a negative quantity by keying a minus sign "–” before or after the quantity.

Batch/Serial Items

For Batch/SerialItems then after input of description/user-2 then a pop-up allows entry of the batch/serial details. How the batches are treated depends on whether you entered a positive or negative quantity. Negative quantities act as a sales issue – selecting batches that already exist, positive quantities treat as a goods received – entering new batch details or re-using though that already exist (and in the case of serial items those with 0 currently physical available).

Once the total batch quantity entered matches that of the stock transaction quantity then batch entry is complete, <Enter> on a blank batch code also completes the batch entry but you cannot exit the batch details and proceed with the next line until the quantity in the batch details matches that of the transaction quantity.To abandon batch entry press <ESC> and you will be taken back to the stock code input for that transaction line.

Stock File Updating

When the stock files are updated the following actions occur for each adjusted item:

The physical stock level is increased/reduced by the quantity entered

The last transaction date is updated

An adjustment transaction is written to the stock transaction file

When batch/serial stock items are adjusted the following actions occur on update:

The physical stock level is increased/reduced by the quantity entered

An adjustment transaction is written to the batch transaction file

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