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Replicate a Stock Record - Stock Control

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Replicate a Stock Record - Stock Control

If using Multi-Location Stock this option allows you to replicate a stock item from one location to others. After selecting the stock record you are asked ‘Setup XXXXX for other locations’ if respond ‘Y’ then copies the stock code to the other configured locations where it doesn’t already exist. If only wish to create the record in specific locations then responding ‘N’ asks you for the location code where you do wish to replicate the stock to.

The stock details replicated from location to location can be configured, for Diamond and Premier users, through the Application User Facilities.

Where not using Multi-Location Stock this option asks for the stock code to copy and then the new code to create – once entered the original stock code’s details are replicated to the new code and you can then amend the details as required. Unlike the location stock replicate feature there are no nominated fields to copy, instead the system will copy all fields except the accumulated balances (i.e. physical, demand, etc.)

  • Release ID: Standard