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Create New Delivery Address (SOP Only)

Datafile Software

Create New Delivery Address (SOP Only)

When adding/updating sales orders the system allows for the selection of a delivery address from a lookup database, entering a new delivery code to record a new delivery address.The delivery code (appended to the account code to create a prime-index for the delivery database) is often an incremental number so to create a new code you have to search for last delivery code, <ESC> back to the delivery reference input and then enter the new code. New in Release 6.5 an <F7-Option> key has been added to automatically allocate the next delivery code when prompting for the delivery reference.

Pressing the <F7-Option> key on the delivery reference input automatically assigns the next delivery code for the current account and takes you into the delivery address maintenance screen.


No set-up changes are required for this facility provided that the delivery address lookup options are configured and that the delivery code ‘suffix’ is a numeric code format (/999 etc.). For more details on the Delivery Address lookup features please review the Order Processing manual.

  • Release ID: 6.5