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Document Design Manager - Setting and Applying Font Defaults

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Document Design Manager - Setting and Applying Font Defaults

As discussed earlier when you first convert a document a font of Courier New is assigned to existing items – which is similar to how the document would have printed previously.You can amend the fonts for each item individually but initially you are likely to want to assign a default font for all items in a specified area.

Most documents have three areas – header, detail and footer. The detail area starts two lines above the start detail line (to encompass column headings for the details) and finishes at the end detail line. The header area is above the detail area, the footer below.The only documents that don’t follow this format are purchase cheque layouts, payroll and invoice generator documents which don’t have set detail area – on these documents the ‘header’ area encompasses the entire page.

To set and apply default fonts select the Format option from the toolbar, choose Font Defaults and then the area you wish to apply the fonts to – a dialog box will be displayed enabling you to select the font, style and size.

You can scroll up/down the list of fonts, use the mouse to select the required option (once selected the chosen value will be updated at the top of the list). After selecting the font, select the style and then the size. You can also amend the colour of the text if required.

Once you have selected the required details press OK.

After selecting the font you can control whether it applies to the text items or the data items in the defined area (or both or indeed neither – you might set a default because the next x items you are going to insert all use a specific font). Tick the options required and click the APPLY button.

Once you have set and applied the default fonts you can then adjust the font and size of individual items as required. If you have need to reset all items to the set default fonts then choosing the Apply Fonts option available from the Format pull-down allows this.

  • Release ID: 5.6